the twenty two

ya Alloh the powerful and the merciful, please give me a chance in this long weekend to do some deep thinking about what I have had in the past.  Because, human have to do the right things, and not repeat the same fault. Bismillah 😀

1. 0 .  i dont feel anything (yaiyala), it’s the time my Mother and Father first saw me born in the world

2. In 1st. I still dont remember anything i can recall 😀

3. In 2nd.  There is this event i remember in my 2nd birthday. my Mother blow my birthday candle for me, i can see it in the video tape 😀

4. In 3rd. Now i can clearly remember my father’s arm when he held my young self, like i can see in the past photos.

5. In 4th, my Mother teach me how to read, write, the alphabeth, and some English words :D.  I remember the young Hariadi enjoyed his childhood times in the house.

6. In 5th, I skipped my 1st year of kindergarten school, bypassed to 2nd year of kindergaten.  I magically learn how to learn faster than the other, although all i did was depend on my cousin all day 😀

7. In 6th, I started my school times in elementary.  I clearly remember how my Mother waited for me in the back of the class door all day in my first day of the school, class 1 C of Taruna Bakti’s elementary school.  And i had some embarrasing moment with my super kind teacher who found me in toilet waiting for emergency help 😛

8.  In 7th,  I had a bunch of new friends in 2nd years of elementary, 2 C.  One of them is my lifetime mate. I learned how to use telephone to call my friends.  Telecommunication was (and is) such an extraordinary and a useful techie 😀

9. In 8th,  In class 3A, is first time i learned social science. I was really surrender this subject. Didnt understand any 😀

10. In 9th, In class 4C, I was learned by my Mother to have the best grade in Geography, that was the West Java’s map for the cities, rivers, mountains, i had to remember.  But i failed. i had 1 wrong answer (but now i think it’s cool enough :P) . This year was first time i learned musical instruments, called Kendang, Goong, and Jenglong.  And i created a comic book about Ninja with me as the role (LOL)

11. In 10th, In class 5C, I learned football in the big field! cool!! (although now i dont really love football).  I learn modern musical instruments like pianica melodihorn, and the organ piano.

12. In 11th, the first time i had to deal with the test called EBTANAS.  That was the first time i had to set the life’s target too.  “Aim for the best junior high school like your brother and sister!” my parents always said that.  Yet, I failed to be in the best government’s junior high school in the city.

13. In 12th,  My first year in Tarbak’s junior high. My parents let me chose the junior high i wanted. The first time i had the basketball extracurricula!! enjoyed it sooo much.

14. In 13th,  2nd year full of challenge.  I broke my left arm in bicycle racing.  Couldnt play Basketball with team in such great times…  so i changed to table tennis.  This year, it’s first time i played in music band. thanks for my lifetime mate for put me to an audition.  😀

15. In 14th, 3rd year of junior high. I seek pride,  I seek friends, I seek memories.  The full-headed 3rd year students always full of himself.  Now, lets set other target : the best high school in the city.  But i refuse to go to the cram school (such an inobedient son)

16.  In 15th, Welcome high school.  With luck i could make the target :P.  In this year, the full-headed junky junior high schooler have to deal  with all-kind-hearted government high schooler.  Such a big change for me.  For the  First time i had such an adaptation.   And such a bad grade (23th grade in first semester :P)

17. In 16th, I enjoyed making friends, I enjoyed hanging out, I enjoyed liking friend, I fall for someone, I did wrong things,  I did very wrong things,  I regretted it sooooo  much, I promised myself  I wanna be a kind, warm-hearted  person, getting nearer to Alloh.

18.  In 17th, I enjoyed drilling myself with SPMB’s questions and answers.  I enjoyed learning philosophy of math and calculus with my respected mathematic guru.  I enjoyed group learning with my friends and my lifetime mate.  I enjoyed reject the fun pleasure with my friends, just for learning. yet, i enjoyed having new friends and new lifetime mates with my cram-school friends.

19. In 18th, I can see clear fresh view, and I can feel fresh air breezing through my body.  It’s new life i’m heading.  It’s new pressure i will challenge.  Really love the first year in College. This is the times for sewing dreams.  And the first time i had such big punch in my heart too.  It took tears.

20. In 19th, I have to deal with the responsibility.  I have to pass the ability given by my senior. First, i was rejecting it,  But as time runs,  i enjoyed it very much.  I met new friends, I met new brothers and sisters.  I met a very admiring person who change my life.  I learned to be a great brother.

21. In 20th, I started to see my limit .  I had to do the right things beyond my limit.  I had to seek for responsibilities to be a great man.  Life’s about teaching ourselves, and teaching others the right things.

22. In 21st,  I learned to give up what i really love.

23. In twenty two (nd),  I realize that patient can be seen from 2 side of coins.  But the most important thing about patience is not just giving up.  Patience can be something we have to move from our current situation.  Patience needs a really great amount of effort.  Patience is a bunch of think-and-try effort, completed with prayings.  Think It, Try It, Pray to Alloh, See the consequences, Let Alloh guide you, And Back to Think It! that’s Patience!

Written in the late 22nd of my life



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